Getting started


Clone the project from git:

   git clone



Install NPM dependencies within the directory. Make sure you have up to date Node and NPM versions.

   cd traveltile_opensrc
   npm install

Third-party APIs

This project relies on the Google Maps API, the FileStack API, and a running PostgreSQL instance. You can get a Google Maps API key from the Google API Console, and you can get a FileStack API key from their website. If you use OS X, you can download and use PostgresApp, and if not (or if you prefer a global PostgreSQL instance), you can use ElephantSQL.

Fill in the API keys as follows:

  • The PostgreSQL URL inside projectroot/config/applicationConfig.js

  • The Google Maps API key inside projectroot/public/js/config/apiKeys.js

  • The FileStack API key inside projectroot/public/js/models/EditorTilesModel.js

Remove demonstration mode

Currently, sections of projectroot/public/js/models/EditorTilesModel and projectroot/public/js/models/BrowserTilesModel.js are commented out as part of demonstration mode. In order to enable saving from the editor and deletion and editing from the browser, said code blocks must be uncommented.


In your Terminal, type

   npm run start

In order to start Webpack and run the project. Open up your browser, go to localhost:8080 in order to see the application in action!


Please submit any questions, comments, or concerns about this setup procedure as an issue on the repository.